As I have been shooting for quite some years, I have accumulated loads of pictures. By using this page you can see some of my most recent projects amongst the hundreds of posts I have published.
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I’ve photographed many bands, festivals and worked for agencies. Here you will be able to find my true passion in live band photography, from the vast array of bands I have captured in action.
Live & Loud
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I’ve shot many events and DJ’s through my career and been commissioned by festivals across Europe such as Hideout Festival Croatia, Lost & Found Malta, Download Festival and Parklife Manchester.
DJs & Events
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There’s nothing better than taking pictures in other countries, exploring and capturing different cultures. Here are a few sets of images which I have taken on my travels.
Food & Places
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I have been commissioned to shoot many corportate events and also weddings for various companies and singular people. Find a selected few of my example sets on this page.
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I’m not the best blogger, more of a photographer! However, I do try my best to keep on top of it and publish a few bits and bobs where I can.  
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If you have been provided a password protected, online gallery as part of a package / other agreement, this will appear here on your deadline date. You may notice it is available, but doesn’t contain images …hold tight!
Client Area
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Just so you know a little about me, I am a professional freelance photographer and web developer/IT professional. I have been shooting since 2007, however professionally since 2011.
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